Pets are a lot of fun and they are good at stealing your heart. In a fairly short period of time they become your family. Parakeets are one of those pets many people do not even think about yet they make a marvelous companion. A parakeet will live up to fifteen years and they are not difficult to care for. You can tell how old a parakeet is by black bars located on their forehead. A parakeet under four months old will have bars that go all the way down to just above their beak. If there are no bars the bird is older than four months of age.
Starting with a younger bird around eight weeks of age will make it easier to tame and train your new friend. A well trained, hand tamed parakeet can be taught to cuddle. They will enjoy being right next to you and will make friends with everyone in your life. They are also able to entertain themselves when you are at work or away from home. They love mirrors strung with beads and watching them play will turn around even the worst possible day.

Where you choose to purchase your parakeet is important. The facilities should be clean and hygienic and the birds well taken care of. The personalities of the different birds are quite distinctive and you need to pick a parakeet whose personality matches yours. Bringing home a pair of parakeets can be a wonderful experience but you need to watch them first. Do not choose any dominant birds who you see picking fights with one another.

A parakeets feathers are gorgeous. They are sleek, shiny and smooth. The choices of colors are astronomical. You can find vibrant greens and blues, sunny oranges and yellows and incredible mixtures of colors. Their wings allow them to fly with grace and ease and they are a welcome addition to any home.

A parakeet needs a spacious cage to flourish. There are small water dispensers made for parakeets that clip securely to the inside of the cage. They enjoy seeds, certain vegetables and pellets. When they are happy they chirp and play and are absolutely adorable to watch.

Both female and male parakeets make excellent pets. If you have a preference it is easy to tell the difference. The fleshy area right above their beaks is called a cere. If the parakeet is a male the cere blue. A females cere is an extremely light blue, brown or beige. Although both male and female birds can be taught to talk the males are a little better at mastering speech. If this is of a concern for you choose a male parakeet.

Bringing home a parakeet will give you many years of delight as you form a bond with your friend. The feeling of having a little parakeet sitting on your finger and chattering at you is something everyone should experience. Stroking their soft feathers will make you smile every single time.