Everyone who sees a parrot wants to get it to talk. Some are more talkative than others and of course it will depend on the species of parrot. But even beyond that just teaching tricks to your parrot will all lead to good behavior on your parrots part. Parrots require a lot of attention and interaction so the more time you spend interacting and teaching the better. But who doesn't want a parrot to do parlor tricks at your next get together? So here's how to train our parrot to do tricks (even talking if that's something the species has a propensity for).

One of the biggest problems people have when they begin the journey of parrot ownership is dealing with some unwanted and aggressive behavior. Parrots are not quite as easy to handle the domesticated lifestyle as dogs and cats are. They require certain and specific things to make them happy and content within your home. And when they don't get it they begin to act out by screeching and biting and self mutilating. All hope is not lost though. You can tame your aggressive parrot with these simple tips.

So you want to get a parrot? Pet ownership is something no one should ever go into lightly, but when it comes to exotic animals and birds there are probably some things you want to educate yourself on before you commit to one. And make no mistake about it, adopting a parrot is a lifelong commitment. Here's what you need to know before adopting a parrot.

It's feeding time at the aviary. But you're a new parrot owner and you're wondering what do I feed my parrot? How often does he eat? How do I go about feeding my parrot? Well, wonder no more, here's the how to in proper parrot feeding.

When it comes to parrots there are some common health issues you will have to watch out for. But with good care for your parrot you will have a bird who's with you for a very long time. So here's what health issues to look out for and how to avoid them and properly care for your parrot.