The Many Wonderful Birds in Texas

The birds of Texas are made up of many different species. All of these are fascinating in some way. Some examples of these birds are the black-bellied whistling-duck, plain chachalaca, and the Montezuma quail. These different species make up the wonderful world of birds that Texas has to offer.

Black-bellied whistling ducks

Black-bellied whistling ducks can be found year-round in Southeast Texas. This bird is a non- migratory waterfowl, and can be found as far as South America. These ducks tend to move southward in the wintertime, but are not prone to large scale migrations as other species. They tend to disperse in a local area and travel in large flocks. Their diet consists of mainly water plant material but they are also known to feed on arthropods and aquatic invertebrates. The black-bellied whistling duck is one of the most beautiful birds in all of Texas.

Plain chachalacas

Plain chachalacas are very interesting birds with a very large range. They are usually found in southern Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley. Their habitat is that of dry and moist forests. These birds are easily identified as they make a loud sound that has been described as sounding like a group of arguing young women. This sound is usually made in a chorus at night or in the morning from high up in the trees.

Montezuma quail

Another interesting Texas bird is the Montezuma quail. This quail is classified as being a new world quail. The bird is a very popular game bird and is hunted during its season for sport. Found in extreme West Texas, the Montezuma quail usually resides in open forest and steers clear of any desert environment. This bird is easily spotted by listening to its song which is six to nine notes that descend in pitch. It is a beautiful sound and is very distinctive.

Texas is a state with many different species of birds. The black-bellied whistling duck, plain chachalaca, and Montezuma quail are some of the most fascinating of the bunch. When planning a bird watching trip, Texas has to be on the top of the list of primary destinations to visit.